Department of Obstetrics

The Department was established in April 1991, having OPD complex, well equipped Operation theatre with CCTV arrangement, Labor room with all modern amenities, Wards with 90 teaching beds, Clinic rooms, Seminar room with audio-visual projection facility, Dept. office complex and a Library with internet facility.

Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Medicine

The Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Medicine is committed to a multidisciplinary team approach to women’s healthcare, clinical education and research. Our mission is to add value to our hospital, its medical college and our community for the benefit of our patients. We strive to deliver compassionate patient care, educational excellence and to create and expand knowledge of women’s health through basic and clinical research.

Labour Room (Actual Image)
Labour OT (Actual Image)

Objectives Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology

  • To provide the highest quality service to our patients. 
  • To continuously evaluate the results of our efforts by how effectively we meet the needs of our patients. 
  • To promote the involvement of all levels of faculty and staff in the identification and solution of problems.
  • To continue a strong research program which results in the advancement of medical science.


  • OPD –ANC, High Risk ANC-Genetic, Reproductive Medicine, Gynac, ICTC, Mid Life, PNC, Nutrition Advice, Counseling Ante Natal Care, Post Natal Care, and other National Programmes –MJPJAY
  • Indoor ward: Gynac ward, antenatal ward, post natal ward, High Risk ward
  • Labour room
  • Pre-labour room
  • Gynac operation theater
  • Obst operation theater
  • Septic operation theater
  • Eclampsia room
  • Obstetrics ICU
  • High Dependency Unit
  • Fertility Clinic

Procedures done

  • VIA and PAP smear
  • Colposcopy
  • IUCD insertion
  • MTP, D&C, D&E
  • All major obstetrics and Gynac operation & Tubectomy operations.
  • Semen wash, IUI, IVF.

Scope of Services

  • Antenatal care
  • High risk pregnancy care
  • Post natal care
  • Family planning services
  • Fertility clinic
  • Cancer screening and management
  • Menopausal clinic
  • Adolescent health care and counseling
  • Genetic/preconception counseling
  • Ultrasonography –Follicular monitoring
  • Structured Nutritional counselling
  • Gynecological Endoscopies
  • ANC Profile {CBC, Blood Group-Rh, HBSAG, (Urine R), TSH, USG Scan 1 ANC file + HPLC.} OGCT/HBA1C/Blood Glucose-Fasting,PP
  • Biopsy
  • Colposcopy
  • Colposcopy directed Biopsy (Day Care Procedure)
  • Endometrial Sampling
  • Fertility Clinic Package (A) – Female – (Hemogram, BSL, Blood Group, HBSAG, Urine(R), FSH,LH, Prolactin, AMH, TSH, T3 T4
  • Fertility Clinic Package-Male (Hemogram, ESR, BSL, Blood Group, HBSAG, Urine Semen Analysis)
  • FTS (First Trimester Screening) (Double Marker Test -)
  • Intravenous Iron infusion
  • Medical Abortion with MTP pills with follow-up USG (Half Day Admission)
  • Mid Life Management Clinic (Package rate) Hemogram, Blood Sugar (F), Lipid Profile, TSH, Pap smear, USG (A/P), Mammography, ECG
  • Infertility package (B) Routine – Hemogram, Blood group, ESR, HbsAg, BSL- R, TSH , Urine (R)
  • Infertility package (C)- TSH, Prolactin
  • Infertility package (D) – FSH, LH, Prolactin
  • FOLLICULAR Monitoring
  • NST
  • IUI-1- Semen wash and intrauterine insemination (H)
  • IUI-2-Semen wash and intrauterine insemination (Double wash/Density gradient)
  • PACKAGE FOR PCOD- (CBC, TSH, FSH, LH, Prolactin, BSL, Lipid Profile)
  • PACKAGE FOR AUB- Abnormal Uterine Bleeding – (CBC, TSH, Urine R, Blood Group, BSL R)
  • RFT/ LFT/ RBS/ S.Electrolytes, S.Widal test, TORCH Profile, blood culture, bleeding time and clotting time
  • Cervical swab culture &sensitivity, vaginal swab culture & sensitivity
  • HIV (ICTC)

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